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lundi 10 septembre 2007

Stirling Moss ........ in Angouleme !!

I have just heard some very interesting news ! ... apparently ..... Stirling Moss ; has been invited as an "invité d'honneur" to the 2007 Circuit des Remparts vintage car rally/race in Angouleme .

For those of you who are unfamiliar with both Stirling Moss and the Circuit des Remparts I think a little explanation is required if I am to justify my tag of very interesting news !!

Firstly, for the younger among you, who think that Louis Hamilton is the main man ... think again. Stirling Moss was, in the opinion of many motor racing pundits, one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. Not only that, but his name has entered the english language as a metaphor for driving fast - very fast !! . Here's the story.

Way back in the days when the Motorway was something that Uncle Fred and Aunty Doris would look at in total disbelief from the slip road, before deciding to do a U-Turn and return back to "proper roads" - or even worse - just stop at the end of the entry lane .... and wait for a very very big gap !! ( hang on a minute .. they still drive like that in our area !!) Anyway ... the story goes that , one dark night, a police patrol car was sitting up on the motorway slip road when a streak of lightning flashed past.

They gave chase, and ... eventually .... managed to catch up with the driver, who had slowed down as the flashing blue light caught his eye.

The Policeman got out of his patrol car, tapped on the window of the offending car and, in a very ironic tone enquired of the driver ... " excuse me sir, who do you think you are , Stirling Moss ?" ... to which a well-rounded confident voice answered ... "well yes officer .. , actually I am !!"

The story may, or may not, be true .. but it has done down in our history as the classic authority figure "dumb remark" and I think most of us would like to think we could have been there to see that Officers face ... priceless !!

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